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Well, I’m English and stopped counting birthdays a long time ago. Have been a Spuffy fan since the very beginning. Interests, practically everything - family, friends, travelling, football, especially Charlton Athletic FC.
TV - especially Buffy, Sharpe, Star Gate series, Sopranos, House, Project Runway, West Wing, Driving, gardening, looking after koi fish Not keen on cooking but love good food. Love writing and reading fiction - espcially Jane Austen, Patrick O’Brian, Barbara Pym, Dorothy Sayers, Anne McCaffrey, Lois McMaster Bujold, Josephine Tey, Angela Thirkell, C.J. Sansom, Dell Shannon (and all her other pseudonyms). I collect books by Elsie J Oxenham and am an Abbey Girl devotee. Also collect Delft tiles and seals - not the slippery sort, the the ones that were pressed into wax to seal a letter!. I have a lot of china pigs as well. In fact, collecting is something I see to do a lot! Love listening to all sorts of music especially Mozart and Steeleye Span folk/rock.

Friending: yes, do please. I love reading about people and their varied lives - and their fiction! Just let me know if you have friended me and I’ll friend back.

My LJ is a mixture of fiction and chat. I also have another site [profile] lilachigh2 which is solely for fiction that has already appeared on this site.

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